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Tra Kieu, located in Duy Son Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, is located about 7km west of National Highway No. 1, along with Huong Lo No.7, leading to many Cham sites in My Son. An Hoa, Coal Mine in Nong Son and 25 km southwest of Da Nang. In Tra Kieu, it is privileged to have a historic temple of glory, to remember the victory that Our Lady gave to the faithful wherever they were in the war of self-defense against the Can Vuong Movement in 1885.

According to historical records, in 1983, after the death of Emperor Tu Duc, Nguyen Van Tuong abused power, disrupted the Imperial Court and covertly promoted the Can Vuong Movement, using weapons and state treasuries. To thoroughly implement the Western plan, closely follow, to expel the French and kill Catholics. Of course, Tra Kieu became an important target and was attacked by Van Than soldiers on September 1, 1985, when Co Nhon (priest Bruyère of the Paris Missionary Society) and lay people were unprepared. By conspiracy, conscientious and courageous, they countered with the mighty Van Than. After more than seven days of fighting, watching the situation is not as good as expected, Van Than added cannons for the war. However, throughout the day, the cannons did not damage the people, the church was also shot once but by light bombs. As told, a skilled martial arts officer who controlled and shot a huge cannon about 100 yards from the church, admitted that he deliberately targeted a beautiful woman, dressed in white over the roof of the church but could not. Co Nhon and the parishioners thought that the miracle of Mary was done.  Afterwards, the enemy saw the infantry in white robes flying from the air, down through the green bamboo, with shining silver mirror in hand, help the parishioners, then they gradually diminished, and did not want to attack anymore. On September 21, 1885, after 20 days of siege, our troops decided to counterattack and won. Tra Kieu is released from that time.

Tra Kieu has been selected as the Da Nang Diocesan Center, selected May 31st, the closing day of May each year to organize the Great Mother Conferences with the participation of all the children of Mother throughout Vietnam.

Tra Kieu would like to honor Mother forever.

+ Main Church:

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday: 04:45 – 17:30

+ Mountain Church:

Monday, Friday: 04:45

Saturday: 17:00

Sunday: 04:45 – 08:45 – 17:00


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